Lincoln Electric Launches POWER MIG 140 MP Multi-Process Welder

Power MIG 140MP multi-process welderLincoln Electric introduces the POWER MIG 140 MP multi-process welder, a lightweight and portable welder that connects to 120 volt power. This machine is an excellent choice for MIG, Stick, Flux-Cored, and DC TIG welding applications. The intuitive user interface, easy setup, and full list of accessories helps the welder get the job done in no-time.

Designed for use in the home, hobby, shop, farm and auto body spaces, the POWER MIG 140 MP welder weighs in at just 34.5 lbs., allowing the welder to transport the product with ease. The design conveniently plugs into standard household 120V power outlets for easy application.

The POWER MIG 140 MP welder provides versatility with MIG, TIG and Stick welding capabilities, allowing for a MIG weld at 30-140 Amps, a DC TIG weld at 10-120 Amps and a Stick weld at 25-90 Amps. The machine comes with a Magnum PRO 100L gun and 10 ft. cable assembly with brass connection and 8-pin trigger connector, a Harris Gas Regulator and 52 in. hose for use with Ar/CO2 blend gases, sample spools of Innershield NR-211-MP flux-cored wire and SuperArc L-56 premium MIG wire, a work clamp and cable and an electrode holder with 10 ft. cable for stick welding. The product is available in two variants, the POWER MIG 140 MP multi-process welder, and the POWER MIG 140 MP TIG One-Pak, which comes with a foot pedal and ready to weld PTA-9 TIG Torch.

The POWER MIG 140 MP welder offers features such as brass-to-brass gun connection, which enhances conductivity, and a rigid drive that aids in wire alignment. The cast aluminum body with an enclosed multi-stage gear box delivers improved torque and quiet operation.

“The POWER MIG 140 MP welder will allow our customers to work efficiently having one tool to satisfy a variety of projects,” said Joseph Keipert, Associate Product Manager, Commercial Equipment, Lincoln Electric. “It is the welder to have if you can only have one.”

The welding machine is easy to use, with a variety of features that improve operation. The easy-turn drive tension adjustment with numeric tension indicators makes for intuitive use, while the oversized twist connectors provide durability. Fast, tool-less drive roll changeovers with dual track drive roll ensure positive flux-cored wire feeding with common wire diameters.

For more info on Lincoln Electric, click this link. No welding required.

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