Enerpac Expands Cutter Line

Enerpac has expanded its cutter portfolio with the introduction of the new ECCE6 hydraulic-powered chain cutter. Together with the ECCE32, the line addresses a wide variety of chain cutting applications. Compared to typical cutting solutions such as torches, grinders and mechanical cutters, Enerpac chain cutters get the job done safer and faster.

Minimal Effort

Mechanical bolt cutters and chain cutting machines can’t tackle very large chains. The highly durable blades on Enerpac chain cutters can tackle a wide variety of chain — from small, low-grade chains to large, heavy-duty chains — all while maintaining effectiveness throughout rigorous use. Powered by a single or double acting hydraulic cylinder, Enerpac chain cutters move through difficult cutting tasks with speed and ease.

Maximum Safety

Torches and grinders with cut-off wheels come with unnecessary safety risks such as sparks and blowback from flames. They can also cause unintended damage to adjacent links, which only increases as the user fatigues. A transparent safety guard on Enerpac chain cutters protect hands and allow continuous monitoring for better management of the cutting process. A lifting handle and eyebolt enable easy positioning and transport.

Wide Range of Materials

Whether securing trailers and heavy loads or performing overhead lifts with chain slings, hoists or trollies, Enerpac chain cutters work with a variety of applications. The ECCE32 model is ideal when the targeted application range includes grade 100 chains, such as those used for overhead lifting. The ECCE26 model shines when used for chains grade 80 or less and when the average chain size is ¾” or less. The lighter weight of the ECCE26 allows for easier portability.

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