Check Out This New Hilti Integrated Water Pump (the DSH-P)

Hilti DSH-P

Water has long been used as a means for dust control in the professional construction industry. But what do you do when a pressurized water source is hard to come by? You bring the Hilti integrated water pump DSH-P to the job.

The Hilti integrated water pump DSH-P is the first of its kind in the industry and provides unparalleled dust control portability. No more being limited by distance. Simply fill-up a bucket of water or use another static water source and attach a DSH-P integrated water pump system to your Hilti gas-powered handheld saw to control dust on your jobsite.

The Hilti integrated water pump DSH-P leverages the power of your Hilti gas saw to produce pressurized water and reduce airborne dust, wherever the jobsite may be. The Hilti integrated water pump comes with 10 feet of hose and is compatible with Hilti gas-powered DSH 700-X and 900-X handheld saws.

Like Hilti gas saws, the Hilti integrated water pump DSH-P is available as a Hilti fleet item which provides a 1-year, no questions asked, repair coverage period; and a guaranteed 1-day turn-around on repairs.

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