Bosch Power Tools Announces its Largest Launch Yet

Bosch solidifies their commitment to the CORE18V battery platform launching 32 new products in 2023 designed to tackle tough work, showcasing a first look at World of Concrete 2023.

Bosch Power Tools recently announced the launch of 32 new 18V Cordless tools to join the CORE18V platform in 2023. An initial look at new concrete solutions was showcased at the 2023 World of Concrete tradeshow in Las Vegas. The brand’s latest offerings expand the 18V line of tools, including new additions to the PROFACTOR high-powered lineup. Bosch Power Tools’ newest innovations are powered by the CORE18V battery platform, staying true to the brand’s commitment to offering one battery platform solution for the trades. Bosch is introducing a wide range of tools; from hard hitting rotary hammers, to high-torque impact wrenches and cordless benchtop tools, all designed with worker feedback in-mind to make tough work in concrete, wood or anywhere else on the jobsite easier.

“Feedback from workers on the jobsite is at the core of our Research & Development process at Bosch, as our team looks to continuously innovate and evolve our product offering to meet the needs of today’s North American construction workers,” said Philipp Gosau, director, product management Power Tools at Bosch. “With our lineup of new cordless tools, with more to come in 2023, we’re looking forward to connecting with workers in-person at World of Concrete to showcase many of the latest advancements from our growing cordless portfolio.”

Concrete and Masonry Solutions


PROFACTOR 18V 5-6″ Angle Grinder (GWS18V-13P and GWX18V-13P) both feature:

  • PROFACTOR Performance – delivers power comparable to a 13-amp corded grinder and advanced user control
  • KickBack Control – helps shut off the tool if the wheel gets into a bind situation
  • Restart protection – helps prevent accidental tool startup if the supply of power is interrupted

18V X-LOCK 5″-6″ 13A Paddle Switch Grinder (GWX18V-13P)

  • X-LOCK wheel change – features click-in mounting and grinder lever wheel release for change-out that’s up to five times faster
  • Tool-free wheel swap – the wheel mounts properly without the need for a spanner wrench or flange nuts for no losable parts

X-LOCK 4.5″ and 5″ Premium Sandwich Tuckpointing Blades (DDX4510H & DDX510H)

  • X-LOCK wheel change – features snap-on mounting and a wheel-release lever on grinder for change-out up to five times faster
  • Double-blade sandwich design for tuckpointing – ideal for one-pass mortar removal, instead of having to cut back and forth
  • Industrial-quality diamonds – produce a cutting surface optimized for thorough removal and extended life

Rotary Hammers and Chisels

18V Bulldog SDS-plus 1″ Rotary Hammer (GBH18V-24C)

  • Superior impact – delivers 1.8 Ft.-Lbs. of impact energy (EPTA) for maximum performance in heavy-duty applications in concrete
  • Efficient brushless motor – maximizes battery runtime in extended applications
  • KickBack Control technology – reduces the risk of sudden tool reactions in binding conditions

PROFACTOR 18V 1-5/8″ SDS-max Rotary Hammer (GBH18V-40CK)

  • PROFACTOR performance – delivers corded hammer performance for an 18V 1-5/8 In. SDS-max rotary hammer
  • Superior impact – delivers 6.7 Ft.-Lbs. of impact energy (EPTA) for maximum performance when drilling and chiseling
  • Lightweight, at 15.4 Lbs. (tool only, not including battery) – provides maneuverability for concrete drilling

BlueCollar SDS-max Hammer Dust Collection Attachment for R-tec Chisels (HSD1934, HSD1935, HSD1936)

  • Two-in-one dustless solution – features the BlueCollar R-Tec chisel and adapter already attached, for up to 5x faster assembly
  • R-Tec technology – uses an energy-diverting reflection element that increases material removal by 15 percent
  • Universal Installation – BlueCollar R-Tec chisels are compatible with any SDS-max hammer, the BlueCollar adapter is compatible with all R-tec chisels

Woodworking and Wood Cutting Solutions


18V Brushless 1/4-Sheet Orbital Finishing Sander (GSS18V-40)

  • Powerful cordless motor – delivers a high rate of stock removal, delivering corded-like power
  • Compact design – supports sanding control in hard-to-reach areas, without having to worry about a cord over shoulder or arm
  • Ergonomic handling – offers a balanced grip, keeping the hand close to workpiece for maximum control
  • 12V Version – also available in 12V MAX (GSS12V-40N)

Circular Saws

PROFACTOR 18V 7-1/4 In. Blade Left Circular Saw (GKS18V-26L)

  • PROFACTOR performance – delivers corded performance from an 18V cordless 7-1/4 In. saw
  • 2-5/8 In. cut capacity– allows for easy cutting through 2X material across the entire bevel range
  • Electronic convenience brake – quickly stops the blade for less downtime between repeated cuts

18V Brushless 6-1/2″ Blade Left Circular Saw (GKS18V-22L)

  • Blade-left design – supplies best view of cut line when main handle is held in right hand

Miter Saws

PROFACTOR 18V Slide Miter Saws (GCM18V-07S, GCM18V-10SD, GCM18V-12SD) all feature:

  • PROFACTOR performance – a truly mobile jobsite solution, this saw provides light weight and pro capacity
  • BITURBO Brushless Technology – featuring a brushless high-performance motor and drive-train system engineered to take full advantage of the additional power generated by CORE18V PROFACTOR batteries (sold separately)
  • Bevel detents – features an easy-to-read scale with detents at common angles

PROFACTOR 18V 7-1/4″ Slide Miter Saw (GCM18V-07S)

  • Large cutting capacity – delivers 3-3/4 In. nested crown cutting, with 45° left against fence and 8-1/4 In. crosscuts
  • Convenient portability – weighs only 26 Lbs. (tool only, not including battery) and features a carry handle
  • Precisely centered sliding bars – delivers very smooth and easy saw sliding

PROFACTOR 18V 10″ Slide Miter Saw (GCM18V-10SD)

Large cutting capacity – features a cut capacity of 3.5 In. depth and a 11-1/2 In. width/crosscut

Dual-bevel design – allows for large compound cuts to either side of the workpiece

Convenient portability – weighs only 40.2 Lbs. (tool only, not including battery) and features a carry handle

PROFACTOR 18V 12″ Slide Miter Saw (GCM18V-12SD)

  • Large cutting capacity – features a cut capacity of 3.5 In. depth and a 14 In. width/crosscut
  • Shadow LED cutline – provides an accurate guide to quickly line up precise cuts without the need for a tool to adjust
  • Dual-bevel design – allows for large compound cuts to either side of the workpiece

Table Saw

PROFACTOR 18V 8-1/4″ Portable Table Saw (GTS18V-08N)

  • PROFACTOR performance – delivers professional power in an 8-1/4 In. portable table saw
  • Professional capacity – delivers the power of a corded table saw plugged in at the workshop with true mobility
  • Convenient portability – features a transportable, tough single-hand carry design that is ideal for mobility around the jobsite

Table Saw Stand & Accessories

Table Saw Scissor Stand (GTA570)

  • Easy to use and carry with handy 13.7 Lbs. design for easy transportation to and from jobsite
  • Folds flat for transportation and storage

Table Saw Zero-Clearance Insert (TS0800)

Table Saw Dado Insert (TS0801)

Cutting Solutions

Reciprocating Saw

PROFACTOR 18V 1-1/8 In. Reciprocating Saw (GSA18V-110)

  • LockJaw toolless blade-change system – provides quick one-handed blade insertion and spring ejection to keep hands off hot blades
  • 1-1/8 In. stroke length and 0-2,900 strokes per minute – optimized for fast cutting and more material removal in various materials
  • Vibration Control– limits vibration for easier handling and comfort

Metal Circular Saw

18V Metal Circular Saw with Chip Collector (GKM18V-20)

  • Ergonomic Grip Zone – Optimized ergonomic grip and a compact well-balanced design for cutting
  • 5-3/8 In. Metal-Cutting Blade – Provides a 2 In. cutting capacity for fast cutting
  • Integrated Chip Collector – Collects metal shavings during cutting for efficient cutting

Drywall Installation Solutions

18V Brushless Cutout Tool (GCU18V-30)

  • Complete cordless cut-out tool – provides power, easy handling, long runtime and convenience
  • Compact build – features ergonomic handling and a slim-grip design
  • Extended runtime – when paired with the Bosch GBA18V40 CORE18V 4.0 Ah compact battery (sold separately), this cut-out tool can cut up to 300 linear Ft. on a single charge

18V Brushless Screwgun (GTB18V-45)

  • Ergonomic 18V screwgun design – gets drywall jobs done comfortably and fast, while cutting the cord
  • Well-balanced grip – ideal for comfortably holding the tool, allowing the thumb and the index finger to control the operation
  • Xtend Drive – activates motor only when the bit senses pressure for increased runtime and less noise

Auto-Feed Attachment (GMA22) for 18V Brushless Screwgun (GTB18V-45)

  • Enables precise driving of rows of screws at top speed for added efficiency
  • Allows for fast repeatable fastening without having to load one screw at a time by hand

Fastening and Driving Solutions

18V Brushless 1/2″ Impact Wrench Friction Ring (GDS18V-330C)

  • Power – delivers 330 Ft.-Lbs. max fastening torque and 590 Ft-Lbs. max breakaway torque
  • Powerful brushless motor – delivers efficient runtime and up to 3,300 ipm for professional power
  • Auto Bolt Release – stops rotation when the bolt is loosened to help prevent accidentally dropping bolts and nuts during removal

18V Brushless Drill Driver Kit (GSR18V-400B22)
(Available for wider distribution in 2023)

  • Efficient drill/driver power – professional-grade compact drill with brushless motor
  • Compact design – head length of only 6.3 In. making it easy to control and use in tight spaces
  • Power density – delivers up to 400 In.-Lbs. of torque from less than 2 Lbs. of tool