Doosan Portable Power Says Its 20kVA to 50kVA Generators Feature the Industry’s Best Motor Starting Power

New upsized alternators in Doosan Portable Power 20kVA to 50kVA generators enable operators to be more efficient and start larger motors without stepping up a generator size class.

The high power needed to start motors usually dictate the size of generator that operators pick for their jobs. After the motor is started, the load on the machine drops. But running a generator at a low load is not recommended for Tier 4 Final engines and can lead to engine wet stacking.

New Doosan Portable Power 20kVA to 50kVA generators solve this challenge with upsized alternators. These large alternators give smaller generators more motor-starting capability. Operators can get the initial boost of energy they need to start the motor and then continue to work with a generator running at an optimal, efficient load.

All Doosan Portable Power generators are manufactured in Statesville, N.C.

Get More Protection From Wet Stacking With the Doosan Intelligent Load Management System

The Doosan Intelligent Load Management System (ILMS) is an available option on all new Doosan Portable Power generators. This proprietary technology protects the generator’s engine and exhaust aftertreatment system by creating mechanical load on the engine when it is running below 30% of rated capacity or in extremely cold ambient conditions.

ILMS kicks on and off without operator activation. It adds needed heat to the aftertreatment system to help prevent wet stacking. ILMS also reduces fuel usage compared to other methods of adding supplemental load.

Easily Monitor Generator Performance With Digital Control Panel

New Doosan Portable Power 20kVA to 50kVA generators have a digital control panel that displays the tachometer, oil pressure, coolant temperature and fuel level. A digital meter shows AC output, generator voltage and current.

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