New Controller Platform Simplifies Operation of Generac Mobile Generators

DSE7310 MKII FrontGenerac Mobile’s MDG25 compact mobile diesel generator is now even easier to use thanks to a new controller. With a refined and simplified interface, the MDG25’s new controller has fewer buttons and an easy-to-read status screen. The new controller implementation is the result of customer feedback, especially from Generac Mobile’s rental company partners. “Many times equipment is being rented and the end user may have little or no familiarity with the equipment they are using,” said Brian Michael, president, Generac Mobile. “Making operation easier, allows for less confusion and more uptime on the jobsite.”

Generac Mobile’s MDG25 generator is the first model to feature the new simplified controller, offering easy operation and three-phase 25 kVA prime power in a compact cabinet. The MDG25’s cabinet design enables maximum space and transport efficiency while making the generator easy to maneuver and tow. The Final Tier 4 engine is reliable and easy to maintain.

Designed with operator safety in mind, the MDG25 is loaded with features to enhance safety and security on the job. A recessed external E-Stop is easy to locate and access in emergencies. The unit also features access doors with auto shutdown that separates the main breaker access from load cables, automatically shutting down the unit if the lug door is open. The controller is also located on the rear of the unit away from power wires and service points and it is lockable for security and safety.

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