Lincoln Electric Expands Its Ranger Welder/Generator Line

Lincoln Electric introduces a new option to its versatile family of Ranger welder/generators with the new Ranger 260MPX welder/generator. This new machine delivers 260 amps in the industry-leading compact design that operators have enjoyed with the Ranger 330MPX welder/generator, which entered the market in 2019.

The Ranger 260MPX welder/generator does more with less, with a footprint that’s up to 20% smaller than other welder/generators in its class. It’s also 25% lighter and 31% smaller by volume. The compact size makes it easier to maneuver around the jobsite, creates more space for additional tools and makes overall operations more streamlined. The 260MPX welder/generator is also 60% quieter than other machines in its class, which helps promote worker safety and comfort on the jobsite.

In addition to its compact dimensions, the Ranger 260MPX welder/generator is also designed with an innovative and easy-to-use digital interface. Simple push-and-turn controls give the operator immediate access to advanced technology. The combination of Ready. Set. Weld, Chopper Technology and CrossLinc technology enables quick setup and improved arc control at every stage of the welding process, from anywhere on the jobsite.

Maintenance alerts track the status of engine functions and provide real-time data and notifications when service is required. The easily accessible maintenance screen clearly displays hours remaining, and settings can be customized to issue alerts at preferred intervals. This eliminates the need for maintenance-related calculating and scheduling, so the operator can put more focus on the work at hand.

And the Ranger 260MPX welder/generator enables the operator to do more than just weld. With 9.5kW of clean AC generator power, this machine accommodates a variety of auxiliary tools and equipment. You can even operate sensitive electronics, like laptops, without concern, thanks to a total harmonic distortion level of 5%. And you can get more done faster by running generator power – while welding – without interruption.

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