Kohler Expands Line of Tri-Fuel Portable Generators

KOHLER Tri-Fuel Conversion KitThree new models offer the flexibility of accepting gasoline, propane, and natural gas

Kohler is rolling out three new portable generators capable of running on gasoline, propane, and natural gas. The company’s PRO6.4, PRO6.4E, and PRO9.0E portable generators join the PRO9.0 in an expanding lineup of generators, which can be paired with the Kohler Tri-Fuel Conversion Kit. The conversion kit, in combination with one of the company’s new tri-fuel generators, gives users the ability to select between the three fuels by simply swapping out the fuel hose and turning a dial.

“Our expanding Tri-Fuel generator offering delivers unparalleled flexibility when it comes to selecting a fuel source,” said Brad Meissner, Associate Product Manager for Kohler portable generators. “Users can now easily choose how they want to fuel their portable generators based on what’s available at home or on the jobsite. We’re excited to be expanding this lineup based on strong initial response to our Kohler PRO9.0 Tri-Fuel Generator, which was unveiled earlier this year.”

An authorized Kohler dealer can quickly configure the new generators with the Tri-Fuel Conversion Kit, while maintaining the product’s original warranty. Like all other Kohler portable generators, the new models are backed by a premium three-year warranty and the company also offers a free loaner unit — through participating dealers — for any warranty repairs exceeding 24 hours.

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