Generac Mobile Launches New SmartEquip E-Store

Generac webpage

Quick and easy identification and online ordering for parts and accessories

Generac Mobile, a global leader in industrial mobile power equipment, prides itself on providing accurate, efficient parts procurement that increases uptime and revenue. With that in mind, the company decided to enhance their capabilities on the popular online service portal, SmartEquip. SmartEquip connects equipment owners to their manufacturers and dealers. The platform allows customers to research and diagnose repair parts and service items through interactive equipment diagrams, deliver ERP purchase orders and check the status of parts delivery all with a single login.

On SmartEquip you can find everything from Generac Mobile as well as Generac PRO to meet your needs. Equipment owners can find parts manuals with exploded views for easy part identification. Generac Mobile has taken their e-store even further, by creating an enhanced catalog that features all available parts, service maintenance kits by equipment model and product accessories. The enhanced catalog includes full-color pictures, descriptions and pricing information. Product accessories are also available for Generac Mobile products, including electrical accessories, heater duct and fuel additives to list a few.

“This enhancement to SmartEquip demonstrates Generac’s dedication to customer support throughout the product lifecycle,” said Joel Lerner, director aftermarket parts, Generac Power Systems.

Ordering Generac Mobile and Generac PRO parts from SmartEquip is easy and designed with the customer in mind. Simply add parts and accessories into your cart and checkout. Generac Mobile offers free SmartEquip subscriptions to its customers.

For more meaty info on Generac, click this link. It’s super clickable.