Caterpillar Introduces Its First Inverter Generator

Cat INV2000

New Cat INV2000 Offers Professional-Grade Performance in a Consumer Product

Caterpillar is expanding its Home and Outdoor Power product line with the introduction of a portable inverter generator. Inverter technology is a first in Caterpillar’s long history of power generation. Caterpillar engineers designed the Cat INV2000 with consumer usability features, like an easy start switch, along with professional performance and safety features (OSHA compliant GFCI), making it a versatile generator for both contractor and recreation use. Caterpillar will also offer a parallel kit, enabling users to connect two INV2000 units together, to double power output.


The INV2000 produces 1800 watts running (12.5 percent more power than leading competitive models) and 2250 watts starting — that’s enough to power camping essentials as well as small to mid-sized power tools (circular saws, etc). The new generator provides an ultra-clean power (< 3 percent total harmonic distortion) that will safely power the most sensitive electronics. Noise levels are competitive in the product category — 52-61 dB (depending on load) — which translates to barely-there white-noise in most environments.

Comforts and Easy Operation

At only 49 lbs (22.2 kg), the INV2000 is easily portable and convenient to store. Intuitive controls, including the easy-start switch with integrated choke, multiple outlets and operational indicator lights, are situated centrally on the front facing panel. The unique LED illumination of the control panel makes night operation especially convenient.

Along with two GFCI 120V 20A outlets, this generator has two built-in USB ports for charging sensitive electronics such as phones, tablets and Bluetooth speakers. The unit also features a 12V battery charging outlet, along with a cable, for easy charging of automotive style batteries.

Cat INV2000

Long, Reliable Run-Time

The INV2000 is built with a fuel efficient 79.7 cc overhead valve (OHV) engine that is EPA certified to last 20% longer than leading competitive models. Engine Smart Control mode adjusts the power output to automatically control fuel consumption and noise based on load, giving users a generous 6 hours of continuous run time on one tank of fuel (at 50 percent load).

Simple Maintenance

Caterpillar solved some of the common hassles with inverter generator maintenance with the INV2000 design. Dual access doors (versus a single door) on the side of the inverter provide easy access for basic maintenance procedures such as oil changes, air filter changes and carburetor draining. The custom oil fill design with a threaded oil funnel enables completely dripless oil filling and draining, preventing mess and smoking caused by spills inside the generator.

The INV2000 will be available in CSA, CARB and EPA models for purchase mid-December 2017 at select retailers throughout the United States and Canada. Like all other generator models in the Home & Outdoor Power line up, the Cat INV2000 is covered by a full 3-year warranty.

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  • Gomez
    January 2, 2018 14:33:46

    I meant $750.

  • Greg Spring
    December 20, 2017 21:11:53

    Let me start out with I like older Caterpillat products. How much does it cost, Got to be expensive since no price is shown. Why the small gas tank? Can it use an aux. fuel tank? Will I need to get the $100.00 plus per hour Cat union worker to fix it after an estimate is provided in three weeks like they do for my Caterpillar track hoes made by Mitsubishi? Quit unrealistic product most likely. Who actually makes it.

    • Gomez
      January 2, 2018 14:31:40

      $650 on Amazon.
      At first pass, it seems too cheap, must be renameplated off-brand unit.