Kubota Engine Introduces Its First Electronically Controlled Engine Below 25 HP

Kubota diesel engine on a white background

Kubota Engine America recently announced the newly developed D902-K as “Kubota’s first electronically controlled diesel engine below 19 kW [25 hp],” says Kubota Corporation’s president and representative director Yuichi Kitao. The D902-K will bolster Kubota’s diesel engine line as it responds to various regional emission standards, including EPA Tier 4, Stage V, China IV standards and China’s Category III national smoke regulations, which will be implemented in December 2022.

The new D902-K is a three-cylinder diesel engine with a displacement of 0.898 L and an output of 18.5 kW. “As an industry leader, Kubota continues to meet the diverse engine needs of equipment manufacturers from around the world,” Tomokazu Matsushita, president of Kubota Engine America, said. “Kubota’s D902-K electronically controlled engine allows manufacturers to easily replace the existing engine without the need to redesign the current machine. It will match current dimensions, structures and power takeoff of existing engine.”

Equipped with a one-of-a-kind common rail system developed exclusively for small engines, the electronically controlled D902-K comes with a new TVCR combustion system. The result is an engine that is compact and easy to mount and reduces the amount of black smoke to an undetectable level.

In addition to the suppression of black smoke, the D902-K consumes approximately 5% less fuel than its current conventional model. The D902-K is capable of communicating via the Controller Area Network (CAN), which allows engine speed and torque to be controlled using signals from the vehicle and can also acquire engine operating data for telematics purposes.

Mass production is scheduled to begin in 2022. For additional information, please visit kubotaengine.com.