Innovative Iron Award Winner: Kubota’s Hydrogen Combustion Engine Concept

Kubota hydrogen engine

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The world of off-highway machinery is evolving — battery-powered units, hydrogen engines, luxury and economy tiering, machine control automation — but maybe the biggest evolution is that everyone wants a compact machine. Small, tool-carrying construction equipment now make up about 50 percent of the U.S. machinery market with mini excavators and compact track loaders being the two most popular categories in America. To meet this enormous demand, machine makers released some pretty awesome machines in the past 12 months: advanced skid steers, electric asphalt pavers, entry-level grade control attachments and so much more. The 2023 Innovative Iron Awards celebrate the best of these compact equipment launches. Scouring tradeshows, visiting manufacturers, operating units, interviewing experts, this annual compilation represents the best equipment we’ve seen and experienced all year, including…

Kubota’s Hydrogen Combustion Engine Concept

It’s not just electric equipment. Hydrogen is an exciting and viable fuel alternative for off-highway construction equipment. Kubota understand this. As one of the biggest makers of off-highway diesels in the world, the famous orange brand is also focused on creating carbon-neutral engines. In March 2023, Kubota showcased its newly developed 3.8-liter hydrogen engine concept at CONEXPO-CON/AGG. Similar to gasoline engines, the 3.8-liter hydrogen engine offers spark ignition while packing a punch at 85 kW — which is also the power required for a 45kVA generator. This development is making inroads within the high-volume sector of portable power generation and aims to establish a dedicated hydrogen-fueled generator into the market for early hydrogen adopters. Specifications of the engine include a 3.8L displacement in an inline four-cylinder for multiple applications.

“Kubota is committed to innovation that leads to a cleaner environment,” Tomokazu Matsushita, president of Kubota Engine America, stated in the press release. “This hydrogen engine is a step toward a future with less reliance on carbon intensive fuels.”

In support of developing a global hydrogen infrastructure, Kubota’s innovative technology underlines its commitment toward achieving a sustainable and carbon-neutral future with less CO2 emissions. Of course it’s not just hydrogen. Kubota has a whole line of hybrid engines, representing technological leaps and aligning with the company’s commitment to carbon neutrality and the broader global efforts toward decarbonization. The V3307 P0 Micro-Hybrid Engine, with its power assistance during peak performance using electric power, plays a crucial role in reducing carbon emissions. The D1803 P1 Hybrid Engine combines engine and electrical power in a compact design, belt-less motor generator and maintenance-free format. Kubota’s D1105 P2 Hybrid Engine has the ability to switch seamlessly between engine drive and electric motor drive — a game-changer in emissions-sensitive areas.

Kubota Engine KEA Hybrid Lineup V3 at CONEXPO

As industries navigate the path toward a cleaner future, Kubota is a reliable partner, providing innovative solutions that harmonize power needs with environmental responsibility. Through its hydrogen and hybrid technology, Kubota isn’t just powering machinery, it’s empowering a greener tomorrow. For more info, visit

Keith Gribbins is publisher of Compact Equipment.