Gotta Kubota Engine? Maybe You Should Download Kubota Engine America’s New Service App

The power of the Kubota Engine America’s Service Organization is now available on a mobile application, which launched at CONEXPO-CON/AGG 2020 a few weeks ago. The service app provides many features to make customers’ lives easier.

“The new Kubota Service App provides customers an edge to efficiency,” Jim Strepek Director of Service and Training of Kubota Engine America said. “It allows customers to quickly and easily register products, which assists the servicing dealers to expedite repairs and keep replacement components on hand, decreasing the overall time the customer is without their Kubota Powered Product.”

The application also provides customers with the ability to easily locate a dealer close to wherever they are.

“The Kubota service application further illustrates Kubota’s dedication to World Class Products and Service,” Michael De Leonardis Service Engineering Manager said. “Scanning your engines QR code will enable the locator to display specific service locations for your application, ensuring your equipment is thoroughly diagnosed and repaired by qualified service technicians.”

Registering your Kubota powered product enables users access to the Kubota Knowledge Center. The Knowledge Center contains all registered product information such as engine operator manuals, service maintenance schedules, and product machine manuals when available.

The app can be downloaded by searching “Kubota Engine America” on Google Play or the App Store.

For additional information on Kubota, click this link. It’s pretty clickable. We think.

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