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There’s a lot going on at compactequip.com these days. Clearly, many of you love the print edition of Compact Equipment magazine (sign up at compactequip.com/subscribe), and we love it too, but as you well know, observant reader, machine news is a daily business. It doesn’t just happen once a month. That’s why we post five-plus times a day through our main portal right here at compactequip.com. Have I mentioned it?

Our online headquarters is actually in the process of being completely overhauled and by late October (fingers crossed) we will have a new streamlined digital webzine that’s equally powerful on desktop and mobile. To christen this new makeover, I’ll personally be launching a new video series called Machine Heads where I detail hot equipment news, provide market analysis for buyers and (hopefully soon) jump on machines and review stuff. Dig my first episode below.

This new web television will foil nicely to our other video brand CE Conversations, where I interview the industry’s top experts, discussing everything from aftertreatment systems to new off-highway construction equipment. Check out this episode:

With the pandemic in full swing and more machine pros attached to their phones, computers and families, the CE team has also expanded its resources at compactequip.com. We have a complete microsite dedicated to Covid-19 preparedness and safety (19.compactequip.com). We are also in the process of migrating our sister publication focused on kids and construction, called Jobsite Juniors, under the CE brand umbrella. We hope to have that finished by the end of the year with daily and weekly content for machine dads and moms and their children. Stuff just like this.

As you can tell, the overarching goal of the CE crew in 2020-2021 is to produce more fresh online-only content daily. So be sure to favorite our homepage (did I mention it was compactequip.com?) and keep checking back for a mix of outstanding in-house features, contributed tech articles, in-depth Q&As, cool videos and no-where-else-on-the-internet think pieces by the minds behind this website. We’re also investing heavily in social media to ensure our readers have access to important content no matter their interface (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube or Instagram). Just click on the social media icons below.

More to come soon.

Keith Gribbins is publisher of Compact Equipment

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