Five Below: A Fistfull of Attachments We Couldn’t Fit Anywhere Else


Meyer’s versatile new Power Box 58 telescoping plow.


In the small tool-carrying equipment categories, attachments make the machine. Skid steers, excavators, track loaders, utility tractors, compact tool carriers — all of these are impressive, mobile, off-highway power plants that can wield a variety of PTO, mechanical and hydraulic implements. The March print issue of Compact Equipment is dedicated to covering those attachments and attachment makers. In fact, the industry is so big and diverse (built on lots of small, entrepreneurial manufacturers), that we just don’t have the space to mention all the great companies. To help remedy that, let’s name drop five cool tools for you to go explore online.

Minnich Machine-Mounted Dowel Pin Drills

Minnich Mfg. brings patchwork jobs down to the attachment level with its A3/A6 machine-mounted drills. These pneumatically powered units can be mounted to an excavator, backhoe or skid steer to form a self-contained, mobile drilling solution. Visit

Meyer Telescoping Power Box Plow

Snow work for skid steers is huge, and Meyer’s versatile new Power Box 58 is making it easier and more efficient. The attachment telescopes from 5 to 8 ft using in-cab controls and can be attached to skid steers with a ROC of 1,000 to 1,850 lbs. Visit

McLaughlin Hydraulic Boring Attachments

Directional drilling with at CTC? Yep. McLaughlin M-4500 Series hydraulic boring attachments are capable of producing bores up to 4.5 in. in diameter, can bore up to 8 ft per minute and go distances up to 100 ft. For more info, visit

Kasco Dirt Worker

Site prep is a hot application for skid steers and track loaders. Answering that call, the Dirt Worker from Kasco Mfg. levels and grades for seedbed work, featuring six rows of steel teeth, leaving a seedbed of 2 1/2-in. loose dirt for seeding. Visit

FAE Heavy Duty Skid Steer Forestry Mulcher

Check out our brush cutting feature on page 26. Then check out FAE’s new UML/SSL VT-BT (bite limiter) — a high-flow skid steer mulcher. It is available in 63- to 72-in. cutting widths, cutting brush and trees up to 8 in. in diameter. Visit

Keith Gribbins, Associate Publisher

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