Eerie Implements: Six Attachments You Might Want to Steer Clear of this Halloween

Just when you think there’s nothing left to write about, IronCraft (formerly branded Titan Implement) sends me a press release on the X-Treme Tree Reaper — just in time for Halloween. This stout brush cutter attachment for compact track loaders makes quick work of brush, trees and (um) limbs up to 7 in. in diameter. While this attachment is completely safe, its awesome name and 8-in. spinning blades got me thinking: What other nefarious-sounding or -looking attachments are out there that I could work into a Halloween-themed post? I chose these six!

Silage Defacer

Sounding like the name of a serial killer, this attachment loosens and removes compacted silage from silos or bunkers using a set of spinning blades. Definitely Jason Voorhees approved.

John Deere silage defacer

Cemetery Bucket

This bucket is specifically designed for digging graves. It’s engineered with straight side walls and a flat bottom for creating nice even flat surfaces, perfect for making holes for dead people.

The Ripper

The excavator attachment features a single pointy tooth that is engineered to remove stumps, roots, rebar and anything that (gulp) gets in its way. Try a dual tooth design for serious ripping.

Manure Forks

Gross. This poop scoop uses straight sharp tines of alloy steel to spear animal dung and (often) gnarly clamps to secure it for travel. In a horror movie, this is not the way you want to go.

Telescoping Tree Saws

Tree saws are terrifying — a large spinning blade slicing through lumber like butter. Then, there are tree saws with telescoping arms to cut high branches and reach anyone, anywhere.

Crusher Bucket

Has anyone seen Fargo? Crusher buckets demolish all types of waste material into small, transportable sizes. Words like jaw movement and crushing output will be used.

screener crusher bucket

Check out more attachments (both spooky and non-spooky) by visiting and clicking the Attachments tab.

Keith Gribbins is publisher of Compact Equipment.

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