American Eagle Introduces 40P Air Compressor at CONEXPO

American Eagle 40P Piston Series

American Eagle has announced the release of the new 40P compressor, a lightweight hydraulically-driven air compressor. The new compressor launched today at the CONEXPO-CON/AGG 2020 show in Las Vegas in the American Eagle booth (South Hall, Booth S60829) and on the Stellar TMAX 2-14 mechanics truck package in the Stellar Industries booth (Central Hall, Booth C20627).

The 40P is a reciprocating compressor that uses a combination of aluminum and steel to control the weight of the unit while maintaining market-recognized longevity. With a compressor weighing 240 lbs, an operator is not sacrificing unit payload while producing a maximum air output of 40 cfm and up to 150 psi of air pressure.

By being direct-driven off of a hydraulic motor, there is no need for belts that require replacement over time, saving the operator time and money. The hydraulic requirements to operate the compressor fit most applications at 12 gpm and 2,100 psi.

Consistent with all American Eagle Air Compressors, the 40P comes standard with: a heavy-duty crankshaft for smooth operation and long life; stainless steel reed valves for heat resistance and longevity; flip-top lid for easy service access; and canister air filters for easy replacement during preventative maintenance.

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