Volteq Equipment Unveils Pre-Order Availability for the Electric Sky 1000 Stand-On Track Loader

Sky mini skid steers

Volteq Equipment recently announced pre-order availability of the Sky 1000 electric stand-on compact track loader through its website, www.voltequip.com. Strong market interest in the Sky 1000 led the company to create a simple way for customers to get in line for deliveries. By making a $200 deposit through the website customers will be prioritized for shipments through the dealer for their area when shipments begin. Customers have the option to cancel at any time and be fully refunded for their deposit. 

Volteq is following the innovative pre-order process implemented by EV manufacturers as a way to bring such an opportunity to the construction equipment market. It embodies the company’s spirit to partner with customers, dealers, and suppliers to grow together in a rapidly changing trend toward electrification. Pre-orders provide customers with the ability to plan for deliveries around pending production shipments. The orders enable Volteq, suppliers, and its dealers to ramp up and meet growing demand for fully electric mini track loaders as early as January of 2024. 

The Sky 1000 Electric Stand-On Compact Track Loader

Volteq offers lithium-iron batteries vs. lithium ion

The Sky 1000 is offering an array of features designed to redefine the users expectations. With up to an 8-hour runtime, built-in charger, radio remote control, GPS, telematics, and a universal mount system compatible with countless attachments, it’s engineered for ultimate versatility. All of this comes in a compact package, with a width of only 34 inches, while offering an impressive 1,000-lb lift capacity, all powered by a robust 20.48kWh lithium-iron battery.

What sets the Sky 1000 apart is that it doesn’t just meet environmental and sustainability goals; it delivers commercially viable value. Competitive pricing, lower operating costs, and high-performance standards make it an attractive alternative. Plus, the benefit of zero emissions makes SKY a great choice for projects with emissions regulations.

The absence of a diesel engine eliminates a tremendous amount of vibration and noise stemming from combustion, exhaust, and cooling fans. This is physically better and less stressful for those operating the equipment. Transitioning from gas or diesel to electricity reveals compelling advantages: up to 70% cost savings and lower maintenance requirements.

Volteq Equipment is a US-based company dedicated to revolutionizing construction and agricultural industries with innovative, sustainable, and high-performance electric equipment.

Pre-order the Sky 1000 at www.voltequip.com/sky-1000-pre-order-now.

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