The Kanga TR825 Is an Awesomely Little Remote-Controlled Loader

Kanga, an Australian manufacturer, began producing a remote-controlled loader 10 years ago and has refined it in the last three years in response to customer feedback. The Kanga TR825 mini loader is powered by a 25-hp Kubota Tier 4 engine. This loader was introduced to the U.S. market in 2010. The mini loader stands 40 in. high and was designed for low-ceiling mining and culvert tasks, but there is growing demand for its use in enclosed or toxic environments — and even by Australian police forces in “hostile situations.”

“The technology of remote control will soon be widely accepted, just as our mini loaders were accepted in the general loader market 30 years ago. The minis were first considered a luxury. Who would have thought they would become a tradesman’s tool of trade?” says Rod Lehpamer, global general manager of Kanga Loaders. “I have no doubt that someday we’ll be saying the same about the remote loader. Kanga continues to invest in remote control R&D and is looking into other projects in the remote-control loader space.”

The Kanga remote-control loader is a multi-purpose machine. It has attachments to trench, auger, sweep and break rock. Lehpamer says safety “is in the machine’s very DNA.” Its control panel has tilt sensors in the event a remote operator drops his transmitter. In addition, the mini loader can be outfitted with a perimeter sensor to protect the operator. This sensor sounds a warning if the mini loader comes within three meters of its walking-around operator and immediately shuts down if the operator is within one meter.

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