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AriensCo re-entered the compact utility loader market in May 2022 with the Gravely Axis. Made in Fayetteville, Tennessee, the Axis 200 lineup includes the 200DT, a track model, the 200DTN, a narrow-track model, and the 200DW, a wheel model. All models are powered by a 25-hp Kubota D1105-E4B diesel engine, feature a simplified controls layout and have a common attachment mounting plate that accommodates both OEM and approved third-party attachments for ultimate versatility and efficiency on a variety of jobsites. As some of the lightest compact utility loaders in the market, Axis floats over manicured turf for minimal soil compaction, making it a great fit in the fleet of landscape professionals wanting to expand their services and grow their business.

Aside from its lightweight, comfortable user experience and versatility, Axis appeals to the market through exclusive features and unique advantages.

  • Adjustable hydraulics put power where it’s needed in high-load applications. For instance, 100 percent of Axis’ hydraulic power can be directed to the attachment circuits when the unit is stationary.
  • Dual auxiliary hydraulic ports can operate piston- and motor-driven attachments like power brushes, trenchers and stump grinders — maximizing this machine’s utility in more applications and expanding its value to cost-conscious buyers.
  • A self-leveling boom reduces the time, effort and cleanup within scooping and dumping material. No bucket adjustments are needed when raising and lowering the boom, meaning there’s fewer chances for spills or frustration from less-experienced operators working a joystick.

The Axis 200DT uses a set of 9-in.-wide tracks for ultimate maneuverability through challenging conditions like wet ditches and for smooth operation on paved surfaces. The Axis 200DT is 2,500 lbs, has a top speed of 3.5 mph, an overall operating height of 85 in. and can dump its bucket from a height of 48.8 in. at a 45-degree angle. It has a 497-lb lifting capacity and 1,420-lb tipping capacity.

The Axis 200DW is driven by a set of 18-in. ag-style tires that float gently over lawns and minimize the potential for turf tear. It’s 2,100 lbs, has a top speed of 3.2 mph, an overall operating height of 84 in. and can dump its bucket from a height of 47.8 in. at a 45-degree angle. Its lifting capacity is 631 lbs and it has a 1,262-lb tipping capacity.

With 7-in.-wide tracks, the Axis 200DTN comes into play when space is scarce. Its slimmer profile can pass through standard-sized gates for better access to more jobsites, and it fits more comfortably with other equipment on a trailer or in storage. The Axis 200DTN is 2,600 lbs, has a 3.5-mph top speed, an overall operating height of 85 in. and a dump height of 48.8 in. at a 45-degree angle. Its lifting capacity is 489 lbs, and it has a tipping capacity of 1,397 lbs.

Gravely tool carrier specs


Gravely channel marketing manager Angie Ansorge says potential buyers should keep these factors in consideration:

  • Controls: Opting for a CUL with a self-leveling boom can streamline operation, especially for operators less familiar with such equipment, thus reducing the learning curve.
  • Attachments: Universal attachment plates facilitate versatility and accommodating various accessory types.
  • Operational Ease: The streamlined design of CULs simplifies operation by minimizing unnecessary controls and levers, making them more user-friendly.

This article was compiled with the help of Gravely.

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