Bobcat compact tool carrier

Mini Track Loaders are the Smart Choice for Working in Confined Areas

Bobcat Co. introduced its first compact tool carrier in 2002 with its mini track loader line and the MT50. Additional models, including the MT52 (2003), MT55 (2004) and MT85 (2015), were eventually added to the line. When the MT52 was introduced, it featured the industry’s first ride-on platform that could easily be detached for walk-behind operation.

Bobcat mini track loader popularity grew, in part, because the loaders could operate select attachments approved for larger skid steer loaders, using the popular Bob-Tach attachment mounting system, to increase their versatility and improve operator productivity. One of the most obvious benefits of mini track loaders is their ability to travel through tight spaces, such as doorways and fence gates, and work in confined spaces in agriculture, landscaping and construction applications. Bobcat mini track loaders are just 36 in. wide when paired with a bucket, and their compact size makes them easy to load and transport on a trailer from jobsite to jobsite.

Today, the product line includes the MT55 and the new MT85. The Bobcat MT85 mini track loader provides a 54 percent increase in rated operating capacity and a 14 percent increase in lift height to help customers accomplish more work and replace tasks previously done by hand with wheelbarrows and shovels. The MT85 mini track loader is configured with two ISO joystick controls for enhanced operator comfort and convenience. The ergonomic controls help change travel speed and direction with the flick of a wrist.

Bobcat mini track loaders have powerful Tier 4-compliant diesel engines and efficient hydraulic systems to deliver fast cycle times, strong breakout force and excellent pushing ability, says Bobcat. The machine’s frame, lift arms and hydrostatic drive system are designed for a long, dependable service life.

More than two dozen approved attachments are available for Bobcat mini track loaders, making them a versatile machine for landscaping, rental, construction and agriculture applications. With the new common industry interface (CII) for the MT85, owners can utilize attachments they may already own. Popular attachments for mini track loaders include buckets, pallet forks, augers, trenchers, stump grinders and hydraulic breakers.

A rubber-track undercarriage distributes the loader’s weight, reducing ground pressure and minimizing damage to lawns and other established surfaces. Less ground disturbance means fewer repairs, happier customers and improved profitability. With solid traction in wet, muddy and sandy conditions, the machines can keep crews working when they might otherwise be waiting.

Advice to Buyers

“Consider purchasing or renting attachments for use with mini track loaders to replace work previously done by hand,” says Chris Austinson, mini track loader product specialist with Bobcat. “An attachment may pay for itself after a few projects because of increased productivity, such as trenching for irrigation, digging holes with an auger for landscaping tasks or demolishing concrete with a breaker.”

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