A Rundown of Altoz’s Unique Switch Compact Tool Carrier

Altoz tool carrier

Handle Any Job with All-Terrain Tracks and Diverse Attachment Options

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Altoz began production of its commercial zero-turn mowers in 2013, shortly followed by the launch of the first zero-turn mower equipped with tracks. In 2023, Altoz introduced the Switch compact tool carrier along with its accompanying attachments and accessories. This aligns seamlessly with Altoz’s overarching strategy to diversify its product line beyond mowers and venture into the outdoor power equipment segment.

The Switch compact tool carrier provides the benefits of tracks along with the versatility of multiple attachments for multi-season use. Multiple tasks can be performed using the currently available attachment options, including two all-terrain mower decks, snowblower, V-plow, straight blade, a power angle broom and a drop spreader.

The Switch’s ability to change attachments quickly and easily without tools enhances cost efficiency. The Switch’s torsion axle width adjusts from 41.5 to 51.5 in. for added stability. The Switch’s 9-in.-wide, all-terrain track is the key to traction and bridging the gaps found in rough terrain for improved ride quality. Operator efficiency is increased with the agility and responsiveness to move across slopes, lowlands, technical terrain and snow and ice-covered surfaces quickly, confidently and safely.

The 34.5-hp Kawasaki FX 852cc engine has an integrated electronic throttle and governor control helping power through those tough conditions. Kawasaki’s EFI fuel management system continually adjusts power to load to keep ground speed steady, getting more done in less time with maximum fuel economy.

A high-performance commercial hydrostatic drive system delivers quick response to the Altoz track system. Standard features on the Switch include electric dial throttle control, a large 7-gal fuel tank, solid-state PTO switch, keyless push-to-start ignition and SmarTrac Pro control. The patented SoftStart clutch control decreases mechanical wear and significantly increases belt life.

Engineered for landscape and snow removal professionals, city utility departments and government entities, the Switch’s compact chassis and the ability to operate in tight areas make efficient work no matter the season.

Altoz tool carrier specs

Advice for Buyers and Operators

“When looking at equipment, it is important to look at the functional capabilities, financial return and safety benefits,” says Karl Bjorkman, Altoz vice president of sales and revenue. “Demo the product and make sure the controls are ergonomically correct and intuitive and that you have 360-degree visibility. Confirm the ease of connectivity of the different attachments. A variety of attachments can perform multiple tasks and increase productivity and profitability. Finally, make sure the equipment is comfortable to operate and provides a safer, more efficient way to accomplish the task at hand.”

This article was compiled with the help of Altoz.

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