Visiting Cat in Peoria over the next few days (photos)

Keith Cat Peoria Caterpillar has invited us out to Peoria and its nearby Edwards facility to discuss and operate its newest equipment. Over the next few days we’ll be doing a deep dive on products from Cat’s general construction, paving and vocational truck groups. Below is listed a few of the cooler than cool equipment we’ll detail — mostly in our sister publication Utility Contractor — over the coming days and weeks (and in print). Till then enjoy a few quick photos (taken guerrilla style on my iPhone) from the event below.

  • o CT681 Vocational Truck
  • o D6T and D7E Track Type Tractor
  • o M320F Wheeled Excavator
  • o 323F Hydraulic Excavator
  • o 825K Landfill Compactor
  • o 950M Medium Wheel Loader

Cat 3

Cat 1

Cat 2

Cat 5


Cat 7

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