Two to Train: Here are a Couple Equipment Training Solutions to Prep Your Crew

Training is an important part of developing a good operator. Long gone are the days of reading a book or website to learn how to use a machine. Here are two cool training solutions available today.

Cat Simulators 

Operating compact heavy equipment takes fine control movements and an understanding of each machine’s applications and specific uses. Whether training new operators, cross-training or honing experienced operators’ skills, Cat Simulators can get results safely and efficiently by training “THE CAT WAY.” 

  • Cat Simulators feature authentic Cat controls that match the real machine. Every application in the simulated machines matches applications used on real-world jobsites — digging, loading, site prep and more.  
  • Simulated training exercises are developed with Cat expert operators.  
  • Exclusive Walkaround training teaches pre-operation machine inspection procedures that are completed on jobsites.  
  • Cat Simulators systems record and report each operator’s simulation session results; and include hundreds of built-in measurable benchmarks to track progress. 
  • Multiple building construction systems are available, including Compact Track Loader, Small Wheel Loader, Backhoe Loader and more.  
  • VR Edition fully immerses learners and is available for most construction models. 
  • Cat Simulators is a Caterpillar-licensed brand. 

CM Labs Simulations CTL Training Pack

CM Labs Simulations Compact Track Loader (CTL) training pack is the only simulation-based solution that accurately replicates machine instability and lift clearance, resulting in industry-leading training. CM Labs’ simulator training pack offers a safe, effective and comprehensive alternative for initial training while mitigating the increased fuel costs and wear and tear that typically result from novice handling. Performance metrics are tracked during training exercises including safety violations, load control and operational efficiency.

The CTL training solution includes progressive learning exercises designed to gradually build skill and confidence. Trainees work on skills such as controls familiarization, addressing the risk of tipping, handling view-blocking material, live attachment changing, loading and unloading, dealing with difficult terrain and working with small margins for lift clearance while dumping dirt into a truck.

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