Trimble Donates Two More Tech Labs to Illinois Institute and San Paulo

Trimble has been busy. Last week, the company announced it donated a new tech lab to CU Denver. Now you can add two more institutions to that list.

Trimble recently announced that it also awarded a tech lab to Illinois Institute of Technology and to the University of Sao Paulo in Brazil.

This brings the total number of Trimble Tech Labs to 19 in 11 different countries, with another 19 forthcoming. This is the company’s first tech lab in South America.

The labs are all part of Trimble’s larger effort to provide the next generation of industry leaders with the technical knowledge they need to start and grow their careers. Giving educators and students access to the latest hardware and software tools helps make students immediately employable upon graduation, fueling the construction labor market and equipping our future leaders with the long-term tech skills they need to succeed.

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