Protect your equipment from thieves this 4th of July

Did you know that 83 percent of equipment owners have experienced equipment theft? And with the 4th of July holiday approaching quickly many jobsites will be left unsecured over the long weekend making the equipment easy targets for thieves. To help your readers keep their equipment and jobsites safe from theft, and in the case of theft increase the chances of recovery, LoJack offers the following tips:

Keep Good Records
Since titles and registration of equipment is not mandated, be sure to label all equipment with unique product identification or owner applied numbers. Consider marking the equipment in multiple places with the numbers. Also be certain to record the manufacturer, model number, year, PIN and purchase date along with serial numbers for all component parts to be able to identify equipment in the event of theft.

Secure Your Site
If at all possible, fence in the jobsite and install security cameras and motion sensors. Park the equipment close together, in a circle with smaller pieces in the center, if possible. And communicate with law enforcement to request frequent patrols, especially if the jobsite is located in a known high-theft area.

Use Theft Deterrents and Proven Recovery Systems
Immobilization devices such as wheel locks, fuel shut-offs and ignition locks are possible deterrents, as are battery-disconnect switches. But unfortunately, if professional thieves target specific equipment, they can generally get around deterrents. A proven tracking/recovery system, like LoJack, would be the best possible way to protect your investment in your equipment in the event of theft.

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