Latinas in Construction Book Features Stories of 16 Inspirational Women

Latinas in Construction Front and Back Cover

Southern California-based and award-winning real estate broker and expert Tina Marie Hernandez uncovers 16 personal and inspirational stories in her new anthology called “Latinas in Construction: Stories of Latina Excellence in the Construction Industry.”

In collaboration with Fig Factor Media Publishing with a foreword by CEO and Co-Founder of New American Funding Patty Arvielo, this book illustrates how this select group of women — which include contractors, subcontractors, electricians , and CEOs — have overcome challenges and barriers to achieve professional and personal goals.

“I wanted to create this anthology because in the construction industry women are not spotlighted,” said Hernandez, who is also a national director of NHCA National Hispanic Contractor Alliance. “By doing this book, we can shine a light on these amazing women in this field and share their success.”

Statistics reveal that many Latinas are much involved in construction. According to a recent Washington Post article that cites data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics “their numbers in construction have soared 117 percent over the past six years.” As of 2020, the Bureau shows that 30% of construction workers were Hispanic.

The anthology’s contributing authors are the following:

  • Sheyla Padilla
  • Carmen Chucrala
  • Ginger Sepulveda
  • Edith Yanez
  • Darlene Martinez
  • Patricia Bonilla
  • Janet Paredes
  • Jeysi Zuniga
  • Jennifer Vollbrecht
  • Andrea Vigil
  • Vanessa Delgado
  • Estefania Roa
  • Victoria Busch
  • Lina Garcia Seabold
  • Patty Ortega
  • Rosie Rodriguez

Hernandez said that some of the stories readers will see include someone who is working for NASA, another who is an electrician with Las Vegas’ Allegiant Stadium and another who is in charge of an 100-unit low-income housing project.

“I want women to read their stories and see themselves in them,” she said. “I want them to get the inspiration they need to take action and make a change. And for the women that are already in the field, I want them to hold that door of opportunity open for other women that are coming in behind them.”

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