Jobsite Security: EarthCam Launches Solstice Series of Solar-Powered Camera Solutions

EarthCam, a leader in live camera technology, content and services, just introduced the Solstice Series of cameras at the RetailSpaces industry event. The camera systems provide an entirely new solution for eco-friendly, solar-powered jobsite monitoring and time-lapse documentation. Solstice systems are fast to deploy and easy to install, using fewer components and recyclable materials. Advanced battery technology and low power consumption make it possible to live stream, archive and create time-lapse video in a significantly smaller footprint utilizing a single high-efficiency solar panel.

EarthCam is working across its entire supply chain to minimize its environmental impact by employing green design, utilizing recycled materials, phasing out potentially hazardous components and ensuring recycling of the maximum number of parts. Modular, lightweight Solstice camera systems use fewer materials and parts to combat waste and reduce environmental impact.

“The Solstice Series provides a new level of sustainability for jobsite visual data,” said Brian Cury, CEO and Founder of EarthCam. “These innovative cameras are the culmination of 25 years of expertise in construction camera technology. The versatile, budget-friendly systems are perfect for the retail industry and meet the demands of a wide range of customers, all the while providing more for less.”

Solstice Series cameras deliver a range of powerful options, including high-quality, live-streaming video, AI-powered end-to-end analytics, 500-megapixel panoramas, 4K time-lapse movies and continuous security recording. Customizable configurations allow clients to select specific features. All solar systems include a single polycrystalline panel with easy mounting hardware. An autonomous, solar-powered, mobile trailer platform is an available option for all cameras.

New cameras in the Solstice Series include:

  • CinemaCam User-controllable robotic live streaming camera which continuously generates cinematic 8K panoramas for epic time-lapse.
  • SolsticeCam 4K Multi-tasking 4K camera for high-quality live streaming, AI-edited time-lapse and fully-encrypted end-to-end continuous recording.
  • AlertCam AI object detection, security analytics and continuous security video recording.
  • Perimeter Alert System Compact, two camera, live security monitoring with intrusion detection, strobe, siren and advanced AI analytics.

Security systems utilize EarthCam’s Central Station Monitoring (UL Listed, Five Diamond CSM), where trained professionals immediately verify each security incident, assess the risk and dispatch law enforcement as necessary. Cameras include high-capacity, rapid-charging batteries, smart, online power monitoring, and provide live feedback to optimize solar panel positioning.

EarthCam leads the industry with the most popular mobile app, and Control Center has long been the software of choice among industry leaders for smart project documentation, marketing, safety and security. EarthCam provides camera rentals, professional installation and reality capture services to make construction project management more efficient with powerful visual data. To learn more about the new Solstice Line, visit

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