JCB Launches ICXT Compact Backhoe Loader in North America


The JCB 1CXT delivers backhoe loader material handling and excavating capability with the maneuverability and transportability of a compact track loader.

This week, JCB announced the availability of the 1CXT backhoe loader, the company’s smallest backhoe model, to customers in the United States and Canada. The JCB 1CXT delivers the material handling and excavating capability of a backhoe loader with the maneuverability and transportability of a compact track loader.

At less than 6 feet wide and 12 feet long, the 1CXT has a 60 percent smaller footprint than a full-size backhoe loader. While its compact dimensions enable access jobsites too small for a conventional machine, the 1CXT delivers impressive performance with loader bucket breakout force up to 5,180 lbf (2,350 kgf) and maximum dig depth of 10 feet 1 inch (3.08 m). And with a transport weight under 9,600 lb (4,354 kg), the 1CXT can be towed between jobsites without a Commercial Driver’s License (subject to local regulations). Further, as the only tracked backhoe loader in North America, the 1CXT delivers superior climbing capability, pushing power, stability and soft ground performance.

“While backhoes are experiencing a surge in demand overall, at JCB the strongest increases have been in our compact and specialized backhoe loader products as job sites trend smaller,” says Diego Butzke, product manager for backhoe loaders at JCB North America. “The early interest in the 1CXT by landscapers, rental operations, utility companies and construction contractors has exceeded our expectations. The combination of performance, maneuverability and ‘tow-ability’ in a compact machine that’s packed with features has really excited the market.”

The JCB 1CXT is powered by a Perkins engine that requires no diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) or replaceable diesel particulate filter (DPF) and produces 49 hp (36.3 kW) and 122 lb-ft (165 Nm) of torque. The hydraulic system includes a 24.6 gpm (100 l/min) auxiliary circuit capable of powering high-flow attachments including patch planers and trenchers. Other features include:

  • Cab with heater and air-conditioner
  • Joystick controls for precise control of the loader and excavator ends
  • Universal quick hitch compatible with skid steer attachments
  • Optional handheld auxiliary tool circuit
  • 2-year/2,000 hour warranty

For more info on JCB, click this link. We think it’s pretty darn clickable.