There is an attachment for just about everything. Vacuum lifts. Topsoil screeners. Ejector buckets. Sod rollers. Barbwire spoolers. Crocodile wranglers. Ok, maybe that last one’s made up, but almost every other work application under the sun has seemingly been fashioned into an attachment format. That now includes a high-powered pressure washer, to be used outside the cab of a skid steer or track loader.

The skid steer originator, Bobcat, just launched a new pressure washer attachment for Bobcat loaders, joining its family of more than 100 different implements. The attachment is a partnership with Finish-based Dynaset. This unique power tool is designed to spray high pressure water on city streets, roads or any other suitable surfaces. It’s plug and play, so it’s quick and easy to connect, allowing the operator to begin work with the new attachment immediately. It comes in three different models — the 250S, 250M and 250L. Here are some applications:

  • Roadwork and construction
  • Disinfecting to protect against Covid-19 or any other kind of sanitization
  • Cleaning furniture in parks and urban streets
  • Maintaining railways, bridges and tunnels
  • Cleaning animal or poultry sheds
  • Cleaning many types of machinery

From the website:

Daniele Paciotti, Product Line Manager Attachments Bobcat in Europe, the Middle East and Africa: “Bobcat is now offering a pressure washer attachment that ensures that cleaning streets, signs and street furniture has never been so easy and effective. Wherever much larger dedicated machines cannot gain access or where the job must be done mechanically — the new pressure washer attachment mounted on a Bobcat loader is the best way to clean surfaces. Excellent results can also be achieved when cleaning façades and roofs, to clear waste and moss/lichen, for example.”

The 250S pressure washer model is intended for the Bobcat S100 skid steer loader. Next in the range is the 250M model, which is approved for use on all Bobcat skid steer loaders from the S450 to the S650 model and the T450, T590 and T650 track loaders. The third model, the 250L, is designed for use with the S630, S650, S770 and S850 skid steer loaders and the T590, T650, T770 and T870 compact track loaders. To work with the pressure washer attachments, all the loaders except for the S100 must be equipped with the Bobcat Attachment Control Kit which is standard on the high-flow machines.

To see it in action, watch the video above.

Keith Gribbins is publisher of Compact Equipment

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