active_edge_bladesSnowWolf, an industry leader in snow removal attachment and accessory design and manufacturing, has introduced its new ActivEdge, a floating sectional cutting edge with propriety composite springs that are new to the snow-removal industry.

The ActivEdge is a patent-pending upgrade option for SnowWolf’s standard AR400 steel cutting edge on the QuattroPlow, QuattroPlow XT, QuattroPlow TR, UltraPlow and UltraPusher TE.

“The ActivEdge is an accessory upgrade that takes our best plows up one more notch in effectiveness and efficiency while introducing another SnowWolf innovation to our industry,” SnowWolf Co-CEO Mark Holman said. “Its development began as a reaction to requests from snow-removal companies, independent contractors and our dealers. We’re proud of the fact that we’ve been able to deliver what they need and want.”

Like traditional sectional plows, the ActivEdge has multiple sections that move, or float, over obstacles or uneven surfaces. Since they conform more closely to the surfaces, regardless of contours or obstacles, the result is a cleaner scrape than is possible with a one-piece plow.

However, the ActivEdge’s scrape is even cleaner than traditional sectional plows because the cutting edge sections pivot in addition to moving up and down. Rather than entire moldboard sections rising over obstacles or contours, leaving spaces between sections uncleared, each ActivEdge section pivots to clear a greater percentage of the surface under that particular section. The result is a cleaner cut across the full length of the plow.

The cleaner scrape also means contractors do not need to use as much salt on plowed surfaces.

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