SnowEx introduces modular anti-icing/de-icing sprayer system

The new LiquiMAXX spray system from SnowEx offers a highly customizable equipment solution for liquid anti-icing and de-icing. With its modular tank, pump and boom design, the LiquiMaxx allows snow and ice professionals to virtually build their own sprayers to accommodate their unique needs. It also provides the ability to switch out individual components when looking to upgrade equipment. Currently, the LiquiMaxx is available with four tank sizes: 300, 500, 750 and 1,250 gallons. The polyethylene tanks have an elliptical tank design, providing a low center of gravity, and include a sump for complete draining. Fork access points are located on all sides of the tank bases for easy removal and transport.

The pump platform includes a 210 gpm wet-seal pump, which is powered by a 5.5-horsepower Honda engine and is specially filtered to handle all brine solutions. Customers have a choice between two pump controllers. The standard controller has three-zone control with on/off switches. The deluxe controller features three-zone control with automatic flow rate adjustment based on GPS speed sensors.

Additionally, the LiquiMaxx comes standard with a 98-inch-wide, adjustable-height boom. The boom features all-polymer construction for superior corrosion resistance, as well as an easy clean-out system for the nozzles. It comes with three nozzle sizes on a rotating nozzle assembly for various application rates and allows independent zone spraying through the left wing, right wing and center nozzles. Wing nozzles are manually adjustable for direction and flow. For spot spraying applications, the LiquiMaxx can be equipped with an optional dripless hand sprayer with a 100-foot hose and hose reel. The system is covered by a two-year warranty.

“Due to the salt supply issues we’ve seen in recent years, more snow and ice professionals are looking to tailor their operations for liquid applications,” said Barry Truan, vice president of marketing for SnowEx. “The LiquiMaxx is the first product of its kind to offer such a customizable equipment solution that meets the increased demand for liquid anti-icing and de-icing.”

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