At World of Concrete 2016, we stopped at the Allied Construction Products booth to get a rundown on its compact and small series hydraulic hammers.

The Rammer Compact range of hammers accept a wide range of oil flows and can be mounted on virtually any mini excavator or skid steer loader, making them ideally suited to rental and multiple-carrier applications.

Featuring a massive and unbreakable trapezoidal tool that is covered by a lifetime warranty against breakage, Rammer’s Compact Range hammers are designed for a long, virtually maintence-free service life. Even the connecting hoses are housed within the bracket for optimum protection from impact and abrasion. Rammer’s Compact Range hammers can cope with high back pressures and can with stand the rigors of even the toughest self-drive rental applications.

Oh, and they require no greasing.

Rammer’s Small range of hammers is capable of accepting a wide range of oil flows as well as tolerating high back pressures. This means that they can be mounted on a huge range of carriers and utilized in an infinite number of applications.

Rammer Small Range hammers are built to last. Membrane-type accumulators assist with power stokes, whilst providing protection against hydraulic spikes. Field replaceable lower tool bushing and a low-maintenance design ensures optimum hammer uptime, higher availability levels and reduced owning and operating costs.

Be sure to watch the videos for the full walk around and then hit the Allied website.

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