Meyer Is Selling Its Snowplows and Spreaders at Ram and Jeep Dealers

Beginning this fall, Ram and Jeep owners and enthusiasts can easily equip their vehicle with a Ram or Jeep licensed Meyer snowplow and spreader. All plows and spreaders will be engineered and manufactured in the USA and available at your local participating Ram and Jeep dealerships.

Marcus Scherer, Meyer CEO, says, “We are proud of the fact that Meyer is the first company in the industry to be awarded a license by two of the top vehicle manufacturers in the world. Ram and Jeep plows and spreaders are available for homeowners, independent contractors and fleet purchasers.”

We love awards! (Who doesn’t?) Anyway, click here to see articles from our award-winning June 2018 issue where we visited manufacturers and test drove all sorts of equipment.

The Ram and Jeep licensed products announcement was first made at the 2020 NTEA Work Truck Show. At the event, a 2021 Ram 1500 Tradesman was equipped with a Ram Drive Pro. Meyer Products LLC was acquired by the Aebi Schmidt Group in 2015. The Aebi Schmidt Group is a global leader of smart systems and services for the treatment of mission critical infrastructural and agricultural areas.

The Meyer product line contributes to Aebi Schmidt’s strategy with an extensive range of snow and ice control equipment for homeowners, contractors and municipalities. Meyer’s product innovations and industry knowledge have been improving transportation safety and convenience since the day it invented the auto snowplow in 1926.

For more info on Meyer, roll through this link.

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