Little Beaver offers auger adapters


Little Beaver Inc., a leading manufacturer of safe and efficient earth drilling equipment, offers affordable auger adapters to allow customers to match other manufacturer’s augers with its reliable one-person earth drills. The adapters make it more cost effective for contractors and rental centers to upgrade drill fleets to Little Beaver. By enabling them to maximize the service life of their existing augers and attachments customers are not forced to upgrade everything at once.

“Most rental centers and large fence contractors own multiple drills and stock a variety of augers and sizes,” said Mike Hale, Little Beaver sales manager. “With these adapters, if a customer purchases a Little Beaver earth drill, they can use their existing augers without having to purchase all new augers.”

A variety of adapters accommodate nearly any competitive auger and make it easy for businesses to switch to Little Beaver drills. The manufacturer’s Mechanical and Hydraulic earth drills power through tough soil for fence and deck building, landscaping, sign installation, soil sampling, horizontal boring, mobile home and light utility anchoring and more. The drills dig quickly while their patented torque tube eliminates kickback for safe one-person operation.

As a customer’s existing stock of augers wears out, they can replace them with durable snap-on augers from Little Beaver. The complete line of augers includes three types — standard, carbide and heavy duty — available in 36- and 42-in. lengths and 1.5- to 16-in. diameters. A convenient spring-loaded button secures each auger to the drill head, eliminating the need for pins or bolts. Additionally, Little Beaver’s reversible blades offer double the service life of other blades on the market and are easy to replace.

Little Beaver also offers adapters to make its extensive line of snap-on augers compatible with other manufacturer’s drills, enabling more customers to take advantage of the augers and attachments.

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