IronCraft Receives a Patent for Stump Jumper Design on Its Flex Wing Mowers

IronCraft LLC, formerly branded Titan Implement, has received a patent on the stump jumper design incorporated into its 15-ft flex wing mowers. The innovative design incorporates forming flat steel into the stump-jumper domed design and then embossing the IronCraft logo, which strengthens the component and enhances its durability. The patented design (#11,555,288 B2) has two opposing steel blades affixed to the stump jumper, allowing them to cut materials to 3 1/2 in. in diameter. The IronCraft 3515 Series flex wing mowers using this improved stump jumper require a minimum of 60 PTO HP and feature a 180-in. working width to make quick work of cutting projects.

“We’re continually reviewing all product lines, and this new stump jumper patent is a prime example of improving upon an already stout design,” said IronCraft Product Manager Ryan Rochel. “Added strength on the stump jumper greatly enhances durability of the overall unit and allows these heavy-duty mowers to better handle the unforeseen obstacles that they will encounter in the field.”

IronCraft 3515 Series mowers are stocked in IronCraft’s Athens, Tennessee, factory and are available through its nationwide dealer network. Each unit is warranted for a full year.

IronCraft LLC was formerly branded as Titan Implement. The company was purchased by LFM Capital which plans major capital expenditures over the next 24-months at the Athens factory as well as other southeastern Tennessee locations including a paint booth, laser cutting, robotic welding, and more. In addition, other initiatives to support the post-purchase experience include online parts lookup, service manuals, training resources, and adding more product support locations across the country.

Based in east Tennessee, IronCraft offers an extensive range of rotary cutters, rotary tillers, box blade scrapers, grader blades, landscape rakes, disc harrows, and skid steer attachments. For more information, please visit


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