Innovative implements: Black Splitter wood splitters

Black-SplitterManufactured in Germany, Black Splitter wood splitter hydraulic attachments (S2, S2X, SG1 and S2G) are designed to fit excavators in the 1.5- to 20-metric ton class range. The double helical chromium steel cone has a 24-mm thread pitch for rapid timber penetration. By design, the cone shields the attachment housing and enables it to follow seamlessly into the split timber. The cone can also be used to conveniently maneuver logs. The SG1 with grapple arms can be manufactured for excavators with one or two auxiliary control circuits. Attachment accessories are also available. Black Splitter products are CE certified (EU) for customer safety and export. Instructions for safe operation and handling are available in English. Attachment bracket and hydraulic hoses are not included.

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