Genie Expands Portfolio of Telehandler Attachments

Genie GTH551 with Auger Attachment

New attachments and carriage options for Genie’s latest generation of GTH telehandlers add to the versatility of these jobsite workhorses, and make it easier to match equipment functionality to jobsite needs. Genie actually just launched some attachment for its compact telehandlers, including an auger tool, a truss boom, two multi-purpose buckets and two new carriage options.

Auger Attachment Now Available for Genie’s GTH-5519 Telehandler

New auger drive motors and tooling further enhancing the productivity and versatility of Genie’s GTH-5519.

“Using the auger attachment on a telehandler offers reach not possible with other types of equipment,” says Amalija Kopac, Genie Senior Product Manager. “This makes the auger attachment a perfect solution for drilling holes when there are obstructions, such as reaching over a ditch to drill holes for a fence or utility poles.”

Developed for use with the high-pressure, variable speed GTH-5519, the auger attachment offers bits from 8- to 48-inches in diameter that can be used with extensions as long as 8 ft for general purpose and rock drilling, and can produce a hole depth of 5 ft to 15 ft.

Two drive motor options deliver either 2,800 ft-lb of torque or 5,300 ft-lb of torque. With the ability to control the speed of the auger, operators can achieve precision drilling for tasks such as starting a hole using the dial knob on the dash of the GTH-5519. It comes with a HALO LED Alignment System, an LED light ring that provides a visual aid to operators and eliminates the need for a spotter. Lights help the operator make sure the hole is being drilled at the correct angle.

Additionally, the auger motors are also compatible with skid steers and compact excavators. Genie offers a full range of extensions, drill bits and auger tooling along with the drive motors.

The ARA Show 2024 Genie auger on a telehandlers

Truss Boom, Multi-Purpose Buckets and New Carriage Options Available for Genie Telehandlers
For the larger GTH-636, GTH-844, GTH-1056, and GTH-1256 models, contractors have the option to swap forks for a truss boom or multi-purpose buckets. In addition, two new carriage options increase load handling flexibility.

“Attachments are what make telehandlers the versatile tool carriers that contractors love and what expands fleet utilization for rental companies,” Kopac said. “In addition, using genuine Genie attachments gives contractors peace of mind that the tools are compatible with the respective load charts,” she said.

The 10 ft truss boom has a lifting capacity of 4,000 lb, can be rigged from three different points, and has variable reach up to 13 ft.

Two heavy-duty buckets enable 6K through 12K GTH telehandlers to scoop and place loose, unpalletized materials. A 72 in, 1-cubic-yard bucket and 96 in, 1.5-cubic-yard bucket are useful multi-purpose material handling tools for everything from small tools and equipment, demolition waste, soils, and aggregates.

To increase placement productivity, a 48 in side-shift carriage enables the operator to shift the load up to 8.25 inches without exiting the telehandler’s cab. This enhances productivity by reducing the need to reposition the telehandler when picking or placing the load.

The most common pallet size is 40 in x 48 in, but not all loads are the same shape and size. To account for this difference in load shape and size, Genie’s new fork positioner carriage allows an operator to adjust the width of the forks from inside the telehandler’s cab. This eliminates the hassle of manually adjusting the forks.

“Genie’s current generation of telehandlers were designed, built, and extensively tested for the realities of heavy-duty jobs,” Kopac said. “These new attachments, when used in combination with the Genie Quick Attach™ system, are easy to swap on the job. Commonality of attachments gives rental fleet owners an opportunity to increase the versatility of the telehandlers in their fleet, contributing to lower costs and a better rROIC.”

The auger attachment is available now for customers in North America, while the truss boom, multi-purpose buckets and carriage options will be available for North America customers in spring 2024. Learn more right over here.