engcon forksEngcon is now launching lighter versions of its pallet forks. Engcon is the world’s leading manufacturer of tiltrotators — a kind of tilting and rotating quick coupler for excavators. The new pallet forks improve tipping loads and increase load weights for excavators in the intermediate 6-12 metric ton range.

Pallet forks for excavators are an increasingly popular tool, and, when combined with a tiltrotator, they improve utility enormously. In many cases, excavators replace the wheel loader or forklift, as they can load and unload goods from trucks and shift pallets with goods at building sites. Thanks to the tiltrotator, the excavator need not be on the same level as the pallet, as the forks can be tilted and rotated to assume the correct position. Nor is as much space required when a wheel loader or truck must be unloaded or loaded, as the excavator can remain in the same position during unloading and loading.

“Following the increased use of pallet forks for excavators, we saw a growing need to adapt them for smaller excavators, and so we developed the GHH1200L (Light),” Engcon design engineer Johan Johansson tells us.

Johan explains that the focus on increased load weight is about capacity and safety alike. “Our new pallet fork is more than 220 lbs lighter than its predecessor, and this is a considerable difference for an excavator weighing nearly 7 tons and making use of its full reach. Not only are the new pallet forks lighter, but visibility has also been improved as the frame is lower than its forerunner.”

Engcon’s new, lighter GHH1200L pallet fork will be available in two versions – one with a maximum load of 6,393 lbs and one with 10,362 lbs maximum load. Both are calculated at TP500 (max load 20 in. out on the fork). The QS45 standard hitch but can also be ordered with other attachment points.

The product launch will take place at the bauma’s 2019 exhibition in Munich, April 8-14, when it will be available for immediate order.

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