Dig This: Engcon Introduces New Series of Sorting Buckets

Engcon bucket studio Engcon recently introduced a series of new sorting buckets. Engcon is the world’s leading manufacturer of tiltrotators — a kind of tilting and rotating quick coupler for excavators.
New product news is coming quickly from world-leading tiltrotator manufacturer Engcon. A completely new series of sorting buckets for excavators ranging from 1.5 to 33 metric tons has just been developed. The buckets, with model name SKB, each have a specially developed shape. They differ from a traditional sorting bucket, where the side plates can be a barrier when you need to get under bigger asphalt bits or other material.

The new sorting bucket is manufactured in eight sizes, from 70 liters and 600 mm wide to 1550 liters and 1500 mm wide. The buckets, which can now be ordered in the US and Canada, complement Engcon’s existing model, launched in 2016.

“The sorting bucket launched in 2016 has the model of a grading bucket, with the ribs across the bottom. The new bucket shape is narrower, deeper and has the ribs in the depths. Customers will find value in both types, so we now offer a variety for our customers,” says Johan Johansson, Engcon’s designer.

Engcon’s sorting buckets do not require hydraulics and are well suited to easier sorting work, where, for example, a finer material for filling or other use is needed. Cutting steel, side plates and ribs consist of high-strength wear-resistant steel with up to 500 Brinell hardness, which guarantees long service life.

“The request for the new bucket design originated with our team in the Netherlands, but we have also received inquiries from other markets. When we realized the need was so high, we decided to start production immediately,” says Johansson.

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