DICA to Highlight Ground Protection Products, Including Cool Track Loader Attachment, at Equip Expo Next Week

DICA will showcase ground protection solutions for landscapers, hardscapers, and contractors at the Equip Exposition October 17-20, in Louisville, Kentucky, at booth 26091. The family-owned and operated company will feature SlatTrax, a Ground Protection Roadway, in addition to AlturnaMATS and VersaMATS Ground Protection Mats.

SlatTrax is a unique linear roadway system that provides vehicle access to worksites while protecting the ground. Made of recycled high-density polyethylene (HDPE), the plastic temporary roadway can effectively support most residential construction, landscaping, and tree care equipment.

SlatTrax hydraulically powered systems are loaded with 100 ft. of Trax and can be reloaded with additional DIY or Rolled Trax sections to extend service roadways. The single or dual spool hydraulically powered systems mount easily on skid steers and other loaders to roll out 100 ft. or roadway in 2 minutes. The Hydraulically Powered temporary roadway system eliminates manual labor, requiring fewer crew members needed to prepare a site.

100 ft. of pallet-based DIY Trax with ratchet straps can be deployed or retrieved manually in 15 minutes or less. The compact, self-contained systems require less space for transport and storage to increase user flexibility. DIY Trax can be deployed manually by dragging the 12.5 ft. individual sections, or using Hydraulic Powered equipment. In addition, the standard pallet can be picked with forks to transfer the Trax to the work site. Steel Grapple Pallets are an option that allows the crew to use their grapples to move the system when forks are not available.

Like SlatTrax, AlturnaMATS and VersaMATS are widely used ground protection mats that are used to provide access to job sites while preventing lawn damage, including ruts and stuck vehicles. Also made of HDPE plastics, they are highly durable and resistant to breaking, cracking, splintering, delaminating, and absorbing any moisture. These mats can be used to create stable work platforms, access roads, or temporary parking areas in construction sites.

DICA products are proudly Made in the USA and used on all seven continents and 50+ countries around the world.