The Conestoga Model C-125 compact manure spreader

The Conestoga Model C-125 compact manure spreader is the ideal tool for hobby farmers, horse owners and organic farmers who have larger spreader jobs to handle. Standard PTO drive with heavy-duty agricultural gearbox to operate apron and beater insures reliable spreading. A capacity of 85 cubic feet reduces the number of loads to haul. Easy hook up makes for getting spreading jobs done quickly and easily.

Cor-ten, 10 gauge, copper-bearing steel is used in C-125 boxes to provide corrosion resistance four times that of plain carbon steel. All Conestoga boxes are of all-welded construction, chemically washed, painted with epoxy primer, and finished with a highly corrosion resistant, two-part urethane paint. This combination of special steel, construction and finish give Conestoga spreader boxes an extraordinarily long service life. Additional durability features include hardened sprockets, grade 5 bolts, oil-impregnated bushings, sealed bearings, heavy-duty roller chain, and high-density, poly vinyl floors that will not rust or rot.

Enviable performance has been built into Conestoga spreader design. All C models come standard with Conestoga designed, stainless-steel, T-rod apron chain, to provide superior durability and service life. Conestoga beater paddles are a “rooster comb” design to tear away at hard-packed material. They are bolted on so they are easily replaceable. Conestoga spreaders have 12 paddles on all C Series models — more than the competition. This combination of paddle design and additional paddles improves both shredding action and overall spread pattern.

Unmatched convenience comes from adjustable web drive on all Conestoga C models, allowing operators to choose four different speeds to spread a light dusting up to a heavy coating. And, Conestoga C-125 models come standard with jacks, adjustable hitches and convenient PTO shafts for easy hook up and detachment. Eight-bolt wheels with 10-15SL tires carry heavy loads with ease.

Conestoga products are built in the USA by people who understand spreaders. Durable, long-life construction has been the cornerstone of Conestoga spreader design since the company was founded. The major objective has been to provide customers with reliable products that will serve well for many years of use with a minimum of problems or upkeep expense.

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