Attachment Expert Worksaver Releases New Adapters for Loaders on Bidirectional Tractors

Worksaver Inc. is now offering adapters for loaders used on Versatile, Ford and New Holland Bidirectional tractors. Four adapter models are available to convert loaders to either the “Universal” skid steer mount or the Euro/Global mount, allowing more versatility in attachment options.

Adapters are designed for loaders used on Versatile 160, 256, 276 and Ford 9030 Bidirectional tractors and for New Holland loader models 82LB, 84LB and 7614 that are used on TV140, TV145 and TV6070 tractors. Worksaver Inc. manufactures agricultural, industrial, commercial and construction equipment for a variety of applications for property owners, farmers, ranchers, contractors and more. Worksaver also “builds with sunshine” by utilizing a 250-Kw solar field to help provide a renewable energy source.

For more information on Worksaver, get attached to this link. Get it?

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