All-Around Productivity: Takeuchi-US Enters the Tiltrotator Market

Takeuchi Tiltrotator

Tiltrotators are becoming more popular, and for good reason. Their ability to tilt and rotate an attachment 360 degrees delivers versatility in a wide range of applications, including grading, general excavation, compaction and more. Equipment manufacturer Takeuchi-US recently entered the market with both its DF4 and Prop Plus models.

“This tiltrotator’s ability to tilt 50 degrees right and left as well as rotating 360 degrees allows the operator to work in any direction without having to reposition the machine,” says Lee Padgett of Takeuchi-US. “Additional options like a hydraulic coupler, hydraulic gripper and attachment quick-change systems can drastically reduce the number of workers needed on site to complete the same task. Having fewer workers on site cuts down on overhead and avoids potential safety concerns.”

The company’s DF4 runs its tilt and rotate functions using two hydraulic circuits and a control box located in the machine’s cab. Padgett explains that the control box diverts flow to operate the hydraulic coupler and two auxiliary functions, such as a grapple attachment, for a total of five functions.

Takeuchi’s Prop Plus model is the most fully featured and functional of the company’s available options. Padgett says that while other tiltrotators require multiple hydraulic circuits, the Prop Plus can run both tilt and rotate functions as well as a hydraulic coupler and multiple auxiliary functions using only the excavator’s primary circuit without requiring a separate control box to toggle between them.

“The feature-rich Prop Plus kit includes two new joystick controls and a separate monitor, and the tiltrotator also has the ability to work with a grading system if the need arises,” he says. “For not much added expense, it gives you the most features up front, as well as the ability to expand your machine’s capability as your business grows. However, it’s also important to get the machine that fits your needs and budget the best and not overextend yourself financially. But, if you’re going to invest or rent a tiltrotator, going with the more feature-rich model is typically your best bet.”

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