Meet Lincoln Electric’s Welding Hand Tools

A trio of new hand tools bearing the Lincoln Electric name are designed to aid welding operators regardless of environment or welding process.

A new Lincoln Electric chipping hammer makes it easy to clean and remove slag from any weld. The hammer head includes both flat and spiked sides. Its shock-reducing spiral handle includes a hook, making it easy to store on any wall.

Constructed from drop-forged steel, the new Lincoln Electric welding pliers is a single tool designed for six functions, including nozzle and tip installation, wire cutting, nozzle cleaning, spatter removal and slag hammer. The welding pliers comes with a form-fitting handle.

The third welding hand tool, the Welper, is designed specifically for use with MIG welding guns and offers eight functions in a single pair of pliers. Perfect for any MIG welder, the Lincoln Electric Welper can be used to remove spatter from the nozzle inside and out, cut wire, remove and install tips, pull wire, remove brushings, and even hammer, when necessary.

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