Kaeser and JEB Four Racing to Unveil New Car

There’s no shortage of fast cars, excitement or activity at the annual
Performance Racing Industry (PRI) Show held each year in Orlando, Fla. However,
this year Kaeser Compressors will be unveiling a modernized version of a well
known dragster — The Kaeser Henry J.

Believed to be the most photographed car on the NHRA/IHRA circuit, the Kaeser
Henry J is truly one of a kind. But now, it’s getting a whole new look. The body
style has been modernized and streamlined by chassis builder Dan Page and body
fabricator Terry Hall to keep its signature Henry J lines, but with a faster,
more dynamic look. It also featured a custom-design paint scheme by the
legendary Chip Foose.

Check out the official unveiling of the new Kaeser Henry J — set to run in
the 2006-2007 Top Sportsman Class. Mark you calendars now to visit PRI in
Orlando, Dec. 14-16, and head to booth #5211 for the hottest car in NHRA/IHRA
today and the latest in compressor technology from Kaeser.

Kaeser Compressors is one of the world’s leading suppliers of air system
technology and related equipment and employs more than 3,000 employees. Kaeser
products can be found in every area of manufacturing and processing including
the metal, automotive, chemical, plastic, printing, woodworking and textile
industries. Non-industrial facilities such as hospitals, laboratories and
high-rise buildings frequently rely on Kaeser to supply their compressed air
needs. Kaeser’s positive displacement blowers and vacuum packages are used in
pneumatic conveying, wastewater treatment, soil remediation and other process

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