Cool Tool of the Day: The BOMAG Economizer

BOMAG has recently introduced its ECONOMIZER feature for its midsize and heavy reversible plate compactors. Designed to deliver higher operating efficiency, the ECONOMIZER feature provides real-time soil stiffness results. The new technology saves time and money by helping operators avoid making an unnecessary number of passes to complete compaction projects.

Whereas standard compactors rely on spot-checking with quality control devices to achieve proper material densities, the ECONOMIZER uses an acceleration sensor to measure the stiffness of the target material across the entire compacted area. The data gathered by the sensor is instantly displayed via a simple series of 10 yellow LED lights, allowing the operator to react quickly and effectively to changing soil conditions.

The number of illuminated lights on the LED display increases until the optimal level of compaction is achieved. The easy-to-read indicator also provides reliable warnings against over-compaction, soft spots and low working frequency. The display is located in direct view of the operator and can be seen clearly even in strong sunlight. Additionally, the display is well protected from potential jobsite damage while still providing quick access for easy maintenance.

The ECONOMIZER comes standard on BOMAG’s 1,570-lb BPR100/80D reversible plate compactor, which delivers 22,481 lbs of centrifugal force. It is available as an option on the BPR70/70D, BPR55/65D and BP45/55D models.

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