Genie to Showcase Highlights from its Extensive Portfolio of Quality Products at ARA


At the 2024 ARA Show, February 18-21, in New Orleans, Louisiana, Genie will show highlights from its extensive portfolio of quality MEWPs and telehandlers, each built for reliable performance for virtually any jobsite. From tight, indoor, clean working environments to the roughest outdoor terrain, Genie offers solutions that help rental companies meet the needs of their customers while making the most return on their rental investment.

The Genie legacy of quality design has been in the making for nearly 60 years. It started with Genie founder Sherman Ward “Bud” Bushnell, who was inducted into the Association of Equipment Manufacturers (AEM) Hall of Fame in 2022, and the original Genie Hoist. It continues today with Genie’s latest introductions, including its robust GTH-1256 telehandler and electrified boom and scissor lifts — many of which will be on display at ARA in Booth #5339.

Rugged Telehandlers and Time-Tested Material Lifts For Any Jobsite

Whether your job calls for a rugged, high-reaching, heavy-lifting telehandler, just an “extra hand” to lift and position material like air ducts, plumbing, sheetrock or ceiling panels, or anything in between, Genie has you covered.

Since the introduction of the original GenieHoist in 1966, lightweight, low-cost material lifts, such as GH Super Hoist, GL Genie Lift, and SLA Superlift Advantage are designed to enhance worksite productivity in highly portable packages.

Meanwhile, Genie’s newest telehandler, the GTH-1256, represents the other end of the material handling spectrum. The 12,000-lb capacity telehandler delivers more capacity at maximum lift height than any other telehandler in its class. Efficient power transfer for picking and placing activities, limited slip differentials on both axles, and full-time 4-wheel drive deliver the reliability, power and performance for rough terrain. At the show, the GTH-1256 will be equipped with standard forks and carriage; a closed cab with heat and AC; work lights, road lights and a back-up camera; and rough terrain foam filled tires.

Likewise, Genie’s compact telehandler, the GTH-5519, meets material handling needs in construction, masonry, landscaping and agriculture. The Genie Quick Attach system expands the GTH-5519’s material handling options with a variety of attachments.

To celebrate the versatility of Genie telehandlers, Genie will give away a GTH-5519 at the show.

Low Total Cost of Ownership and Reliability Contribute to Popularity of Genie Booms

Three boom lifts, each with very different applications and performance characteristics, also will be featured at the show.

The S-65 TraX telescopic boom lift boasts four independent tracks to ensure smooth break-over on rough terrain. Oscillating axles and the ability to swivel up and down by 22° enables the tracks to grip and climb over obstacles in the most extreme working conditions. The dual capacity (660 lbs unrestricted and 1,000 lbs restricted) makes this boom lift popular for heavier lifting tasks, including telecommunications, oil and gas applications, quarries, and general construction, while TraX makes it possible to operate the boom on both sensitive and rough terrain.

Because modern jobsites demand rugged, reliable, high-performance equipment that is also quiet, clean, and efficient, Genie offers a range of hybrid and electric lifts that can work indoors and outdoors, including on rough terrain. Two of these booms will be showcased in the Genie booth: The hybrid Z-45 FE articulating boom and electric S-60 DC telescopic boom lift.

With two modes of operation (electric or hybrid), Genie hybrid boom lifts are versatile, sustainable solutions that adapt to indoor and outdoor applications, even where on-site electric power is not available. In hybrid mode, these booms can run for more than a standard work week on a single tank of diesel fuel.

Genie’s hybrid booms, when run in electric mode, and its electric boom lifts can work a full shift on a single battery charge. The hybrid and electric models both feature AC drive motors that provide similar torque as hydraulic drive motors while using 30-40 percent less energy. The IP67-sealed AC drive motors also significantly prolong battery charge while reducing operating and maintenance costs. Four-wheel drive plus electronic traction management and active oscillating axles enable 4 mph drive speed and 45 percent gradeability in rough terrain.

The Z-45 FE will be shown with two accessories. The Lift Tools Panel Cradle allows operators to place materials such as drywall, glass panes or plywood outside of the platform for access at height. The pipe cradle provides a secure way to lift pipes that transfers the load away from the guard rails and onto the platform deck.


The S-60 DC will be equipped with a Lift Tools Access Deck and Lift Guard Fall Arrest Bar. Access Deck was designed to meet a need commonly experienced by HVAC, electrical, lighting, plumbing and welding contractors, who must reach above rafters or ceiling tiles at height. To enable safe access to restricted spaces above the platform, the Access Deck provides operators with a secondary surface to elevate them above the platform floor. The Fall Arrest Bar was designed to allow a user to exit the platform while at height and work comfortably outside of the platform by providing an appropriate tie off location. A smooth, sliding horizontal track allows the operator to tie off and move freely outside the platform using a 6 foot / 1.83 shock absorbing lanyard, such as is needed when accessing a roof.

The Genie 13-ft Platform — which is compatible with the S-45 XC, S-65 XC and S-85 XC boom lifts — also will be on display in the Genie booth. In addition to increasing operator comfort, the extra space in the platform allows workers to do more, faster by providing access to twice as much work area with the same number of boom movements when compared with a standard-sized 8-ft platform.

From Lightweight, Portable Vertical Lifts to Scissor Lifts for any Task — Indoors and Outdoors —Genie Offers a Range of Options and Accessories

Since their introduction in 2020, Genie E-Drive scissor lifts have proven, real-world performance, including 25 percent gradeability and 14° breakover angle. E-Drive motors are brushless and fully sealed against moisture and water for maintenance-free longevity. In addition, potential for hydraulic leaks is drastically reduced because E-Drive has 70 percent fewer hydraulic hoses and fittings.

On the booth at ARA will be the Genie GS-1932m micro scissor, which brings the productivity of a scissor lift to space-restricted and low-floor-loading applications. With a 500-lb capacity, the GS-1932m is rated for two workers and has a 32-in. wide platform and 2-ft extension deck — making it a versatile, do-it-all machine for any low-level jobsite. These lifts are especially popular for industrial applications, warehouses, and in data centers, where compact, quiet, clean equipment is a necessity.

Genie scissor lift

Rounding out the scissor lift display is a Genie rough terrain scissor lift. Built for extra-rugged performance in uneven, rough terrain environments, the GS-5390 has been delivering high utilization and strong residual value for rental companies for more than 20 years. The GS-5390 offers a max working height of 59 ft, 1,500 lbs of lifting capacity, 40 percent gradeability for demanding outdoor worksites and space for up to four people onboard. The GS-5390 also features four standard hydraulic outriggers for increased working comfort on rough terrain and dual decks with front and rear extension, providing more room for workers and tools.

Finally, warehousing, stock-picking, and industrial maintenance tasks are just a few of the places you’ll find the AWP-30S Super Series vertical lift and the Genie Runabout GR-20 drivable vertical lift. Able to fit through doorways and onto elevators, these personnel lifts offer convenience at a low cost. Each model offers a variety of options and accessories to customize the machine to match the application.

A Pioneer in Operator Training, Genie Takes Training into the Future with a new VR Platform

For decades, Genie has been a leader in delivering quality training to equip MEWP and telehandler operators with the knowledge and skills needed to operate their equipment safely. During ARA, Genie will debut the future of Operator training by showcasing a new, Virtual Reality training platform that combines the benefits of VR with proven, real-world hands-on training methodology to create an engaging and interactive user experience.


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