Yanmar Compact Wheel Loaders Summarized — 2017 Spec Guide

Yanmar wheel loader

The Company’s V Lineup Expands to Four Models

Since its inception in 1912, Yanmar’s core business has been the production of engines. Following the introduction of the walk-behind dozer in 1967, Yanmar understood the need for even more versatile compact construction machinery and introduced the first mini excavator in 1968. Continued expansion of the product offering led to the introduction of wheel loaders.

Yanmar has been manufacturing wheel loaders since 1975 and introduced the V-Series to the North American market in 1997. Meanwhile the current Yanmar Construction Germany, purchased by Yanmar in 2016, has been manufacturing wheel loaders since 1971 and manufactures the three larger models. The Yanmar V4-7 has an operating weight of 8,322 lbs, has a standard bucket capacity of 0.65 yd3 and is powered by a 40.9-hp engine. The V4-7 is available with a direct pin-on bucket or hydraulic ISO-style or skid steer-style coupler. It offers a long wheel base of 74 in. to provide excellent stability and an auto-leveler to improve productivity.

The operating weight of the Yanmar V8 is 10,803 lbs with a 61-hp engine. The standard bucket capacity is 1.05 yd3, and the unit features parallel kinematics so the operator can quickly and precisely lift loads. The V8 has permanent all-wheel drive and an automatic limited slip differential (45 percent locking effect) and offers precise fingertip control of the oil flow rate to the attachment for ease of operator use. The V8 is available with a skid steer-style (mechanical or hydraulic), hydraulic ISO-style or a hydraulic Schaeff-style coupler.

Weighing 12,787 lbs with a 74.3-hp engine, the Yanmar V10 has a standard bucket capacity of 1.31 yds and features parallel kinematics. The V10 has an industry size-class leading lift capacity at ground level of 13,713 lbs coupled with a strong breakout force of 12,365 lbs, says Yanmar. The unit is equipped with high speed as standard for North America giving 22.4 mph to quickly travel between work areas. The V10 is available with a hydraulic ISO-style or a hydraulic Schaeff-style coupler.

The Yanmar V12 has an operating weight of 15,432 lbs, a 100-hp diesel engine and a 1.57 yd3 bucket. The V12 features parallel kinematics and exhibits a bucket digging force of 13,264 lbf and lift capacity at ground level of 15,962 lbs. The oscillating rear axle, as with all Yanmar wheel loaders, provides smooth and comfortable off-road operation. The V12 is also available with a hydraulic ISO-style or a hydraulic Schaeff-style coupler.

Advice to Buyers

“Having additional controls and high flow capability yields increased hydraulic power and makes the wheel loader more versatile,” explains Eric Berkhimer, construction equipment product manager for Yanmar. “Also, increased articulation angles provide greater maneuverability around crowded jobsites and, the ability to lift and carry loads quickly and smoothly is important, particularly when using a fork attachment.”

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