New Holland Wheel Loaders Summarized — 2021 Spec Guide

New Holland wheel loader

Compact Wheel Loaders at Home in Tight Spaces and in Tough Terrain

While compact in size, New Holland C Series compact wheel loaders deliver big power, high performance and outstanding stability, letting you handle everything from lifting heavy loads of pavers and scooping buckets of snow to rough scraping and precision grading. They combine the load height and lift capacity of a tractor loader with the maneuverability and versatility of a skid loader. Featuring reduced machine length and width and lower overall height, New Holland’s compact wheel loaders provide maneuverability and a tight turning radius — essential for small jobsites and constricted spaces — plus easier clearance into barns or storage buildings.

New Holland C Series compact wheel loaders do so much more than just load. As with a skid loader, a compact wheel loader is available with multiple linkage, optional hydraulic coupler and a myriad of attachment options. Dependable engine and hydraulic power and a wide range of buckets and attachments provide all the tools to efficiently scrape, grade, push, rake and haul.

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New Holland Z-Bar linkage on models W50C ZB and W80C HS provides maximum breakout force and digging and lifting power. This rugged, simple design is ideal for high-production load-and-carry applications, like moving and setting drainage pipe or stacking landscape timbers. The W50C TC Tool Carrier model is ideal for applications where self-leveling is needed, like forklift work. On the model W50C TC Tool Carrier, parallel linkage provides a precise, parallel lift path that eliminates manual correction, allowing the operator to focus on load placement instead of leveling. The result: faster job completion, especially when using a forklift.

A stable, compact design allows these compact wheel loaders to work and maneuver easily in restricted spaces. A lower machine height and lower center of gravity increases the stability of New Holland compact wheel loaders so you can lift and move larger loads, travel smoothly and quickly and operate with more confidence. Compact wheel loaders feature high ground clearance and a long wheelbase for comfortable and stable operation. The cab height allows for greater visibility for jobsite command and overall safety while the articulated steering allows for surprising maneuverability. Optional ride control reduces operator fatigue by providing a smooth ride over bumpy terrain while reducing material spillage — saving time and money. The cab incorporates a standard LCD display and natural, ergonomic controls. Fast, ground-level access to maintenance points and long service intervals reduce the time spent on routine maintenance tasks.

The hydrostatic transmissions reduce noise while providing dependable power and consistency. Unlike other loader styles, compact wheel loaders enjoy increased fuel efficiency as they do not need to operate at or near full throttle to maximize lift capacity and breakout force.

New Holland wheel loader specs

Advice to Buyers

“Outside of knowing your loader capacity needs, if you know you are getting into more pallet work than anything else, stick with the parallel lift or tool carrier loader design,” says Ryan J. Anderson, product marketing, New Holland Construction. “The advantages in visibility to the forks and maneuverability for placing palletized materials will show almost immediately. If you are looking for more of an aggregate material handler, go with a Z-bar type of loader to get the most bucket breakout force possible.”

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